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American Consulting Group
American Consulting Group

American Consulting Group

Since 1994.

We provide consultancy services, products and systems deployments (including installation and maintenance) on different areas related to electronics, computing, communications, measurement and control systems.

We have on site personnel and technicians with all the relevant experience and know-how to successfully deliver a wide variety of projects.

Offices and workshop in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina, where our technicians research, design, test, set up, service and repair the different equipment and systems .


Services & Products

Commercial and technical representation of world wide leaders brands for measurements and control of meteorology, water control, renewable energies, industrial, structures and soil variables.

The brands we work with are global referents of automatic weather stations, offering the most robust and reliable open technology

Clients: Private sector and research institutes

Kipp & Zonen

Development, installation, deployment and technical support of advanced training simulators.

  • Advance Flight Simulators (aircraft and helicopters), certified by FAA.
  • Progressive use of force Simulators, for defense and security forces training.
  • Navigation simulators such as "Full Mission" and "Swift Boat" for practice and development of navigation maneuvers.

Clients: Security forces

Milo Range

Development, integration and implementation of specific software.

Consultants and developers in several Naval Geo-positioning projects, making us the most experienced company providing integrated solutions in the maritime sector.

Capacity and experience to integrate all electronic equipment on board.

An example of our work in the creation of a weather monitoring network, based on automatic stations installed in different points of Buenos Aires city coast.

Clients: Security Forces

We are market leading company in Argentina in technical support and maintained for the naval sector. We provide Technical service specialized in maintenance and reparation of navigations and communications equipment.

Our work is supported by the global service system implemented by the firms we represent, which allows us to provide better technical service and solutions.

Clients: National and international ships

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We provide navigation equipment such as radars, GPS, AIS Class A and Class B, PLB, Gyrocompasses, Autopilots, etc.

We have developed and installed Argentina’s Maritime traffic control system, National network VTS. The national development extends throughout the Costa Argentina covering all the major coastal parts of the country.

Clients: National and international ships


X-ray  technologies for ports, borders, military, high-threat facilities, and critical infrastructure. Advanced detection technologies in a variety of configurations—all designed to meet their real-world operational requirements. With high-energy, dual-energy, and patented Z Backscatter® technology, AS&E systems make it easier, faster, and more efficient for our customers to reveal dangerous and elusive threats and contraband.


  • Mobile Systems (ZBV and Tx-View)
  • Drive Through System for cars, passenger vehicles and trucks
  • Handheld Inspection System, MINI Z.

LRAD Systems,  Long Range Acoustic Hailing Devices:

  • Border Security
  • Mass Notification
  • Law Enforcement


Brands we represent


Proyects + Experiences

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